Student Life

Olin Chamberlain '25

I get different perspectives from the clubs and activities, different people with different backgrounds help shape me into the person I am becoming—a more well-rounded person."
Students at the Prep get involved in a vast array of clubs and activities that build body, mind and spirit...not to mention a sense of brotherhood you won't find anywhere else.
The Jesuit ideals embraced at the Prep extend far beyond academics, which is why school days at the school extend far beyond the classroom. Whether he excels in athletics, computers, forensics or theater, each student can find a way to express his talents. Before long, new students come to understand what every Prep grad who has walked these halls before them keenly knows: the Prep is your home away from home.

Spiritual Growth

Students are invited to attend mass every morning in the school chapel. The Freshman Retreat and the junior Kairos experience are both major events in students' lives that help steer the process of self-discovery. In between, classes in religion and spirituality and the pervasive spirit of Ignatius, are all part of every student's daily life.

Co-curricular Activities

At the Prep there is something for everyone and if it does not exist yet, students are encouraged to create it! Some clubs, like strategic gaming or paintball, are just for fun, while others involve interscholastic competition. The forensics team, for example, has established a national reputation for excellence.
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